About Patsy Gallian

Patsy Gallian is a medical contract professional who specializes in medical billing and compliance. Previously, she has worked for CenseoHealth in Dallas, Texas as the Director of Managed Care and Revenue Cycle and Kroger Specialty Pharmacy as the Director of Revenue Cycle Management. Patsy has over 25 years of experience in the industry and is committed to helping others through her work and female empowerment groups.

Patsy Gallian graduated from the Colorado Technical University with a B.S. in Healthcare Management. After graduating, she immediately began working and has enjoyed a successful career ever since. From 2005-2007 Patsy worked for CBIZ Medical Management Professionals and was responsible for all aspects of operation and reimbursement for the radiology imaging centers. Patsy accomplished an impressive amount during her two years with this company, however her most notable was her reduction of accounts receivable days from 74 to 55 in only four months. In 2007 Patsy moved to Texas Cancer Associates and was responsible for resolving issues concerning the revenue cycle as well as improving overall performance. Over the next several years she worked for a variety of companies until she found her current position. Throughout her career, she has earned a well-deserved reputation for improving performance and overall operational efficiency in any position she has held.

Patsy Gallian is a leader and an expert in her field and is constantly making improvements to the billing and compliance systems, policies and procedures to ensure efficiency and increased performance. Outside of work, she is a travel enthusiast, New Orleans Saints fan, antique furniture restorer, and dog lover. Patsy is also a long time member of the Women’s Empowerment Collective, a group designed to help businesswomen advance their careers and professional development.

To learn more about Patsy, feel free to connect with her onĀ LinkedIn, Twitter, and Levo.